As a theatre artist my interest and research encompasses an exploration of story telling, through scripting and scoring, devising and adaptation. I am interested and seek opportunities to write, direct, and design, adapted and devised performance work, as well as direct the work of others, both in and out of an academic setting. I am particularly interested in participating and collaborating in the development of an interdisciplinary theatre program in or out of an academic setting. At the core of my theatrical work is a passion for the collaborative and holistic spectacle of theatre, to me it is the process and the entirety of the composition which is vital to the creation of the vision and the telling of the story. The breadth of my theatrical and performance experience demonstrate this principle and I have had the privilege of mentoring and guiding students through their education experience in theatre from both technical and artistic perspectives.

Infused in my research and creative work is a consuming fascination and curiosity with the power of theatre and art to affect through story, language, and image. This thread can be traced throughout some of my earliest visual art and is sustained in my plays, essays, short stories and forms one of the basic tenets of my approach to directing. I embrace influences from the work of Charles Mee, who beautifully crafts poignant pictures of humanity and allows them to dissolve and evolve. Similarly the shadow boxes of the visual artist Joseph Cornell are another strong influence, as well as the compendium of Dr. Carl Sagan, who so deftly was able to fuse the exactness of science with the poetry of imagination.